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I know I always en devour to keep my posts upbeat and real, it’s been a rough start to the year and I’m not too sure I’ll be able to keep my tone upbeat for a while so bear with me if my posts seem a little blander than usual.
Most of Christmas and New Year for us was spent trying to keep our baby boy healthy enough so that he could have his surgery early January 2018.
It worked!
We were scheduled for the 16th January.  Shaw was in hospital for a total of 12 days.  His operation took four hours and he spent a week in I.C.U. recovering afterwards. Travelling in and out of hospital daily to spend time with him and bracing your heart every time you have to leave and he cries cause you’re going.  Watching him have to endure major thoracic surgery and being on a ventilator, having a chest drain the size of a hose pipe in his rib cage and a scar about 25 cm long around his side.  My emotions where high, luckily I am on some pretty good medication to help me cope with all of this.
We are exhausted.
We could stay with family about 20 minutes from the hospital and my three year old got to have a decent holiday with his grandparents and he learned how to not be afraid of the swimming pool so we can start learning to swim now.
I can’t tell you how much my baby has changed in the short time that we’ve been home.  He drinks his milk in one sitting and sleeps like a rock.  He’s a happy kid, and only time will tell once his lungs are strong again what a difference it will make to not have him get a chest infection every three weeks.   His first year has been one of many challenges for us, but we rolled with it as much as we could, we have not given up and kept on going.
Our wonderful nanny vanished over December holiday time and no-one knows what’s happened to her, so mama is now truly a stay at home mom, doing all the chores and raising her two boys.  It’s a surreal feeling, but a sense of rest has filled the house and I am much more relaxed in my life, so only God could bring peace to what would have potentially been a very stressful situation.
I closed my nursery mobile making business (Asherlove Felt) in favour of family and time to rest, and I feel good that the chapter that kept me sane for so long has now come to a close and I am moving into a new season of motherhood, one I didn’t expect, but one that I am embracing and adjusting to slowly.
I’m hoping to write more about what we do as a family, how we save water, what my kids eat, how we do school and life and I’m hoping you’ll all come along for the ride as I share my mama world with you.
I promise, I’ll keep it light and fluffy most of the time 😉


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