New Years Changes

Happy New year!
Welcome to a fresh start, a new year, a new jam-packed diary and new changes to come.
I don’t believe in new years resolutions, but I do believe in using the holiday break to look back on the year and see where one can change and improve on things, which things one can leave in the past and how to implement new more efficient life practices.
For us it’s saving water and using time more wisely.
Our region is experiencing a terrible drought and severe water restrictions have been implemented.  We didn’t really know what or how to save water until we stayed with my  folks over Christmas.  My mom taught me all her tricks, so I’ll list them here.
1: put a bucket in the shower to collect the extra water.  Use this water to clean floors or clean the bathrooms with.

2: collect your washing machines last rinse cycle. This can be anything from 30 – 75L of water. We use empty 5L bottles (that we accumulated over time).  These bottles have lids so my kids won’t get into the water and keeps them safe.  We use this water to fill the toilet cisterns after we flush the toilet, wash the car, rinse off beach toys and water the lawn.  A usefull tip is to stop using softner in your wash as it’s not really needed and then the water won’t poison your grass.

3: when I wash baby bottles I do a load of dishes at the same time and use the water till it’s cold.  This is twice a day so I never have extra dishes to do in the morning – bonus!
4: we keep the kids bath water to flush the toilet aswell, and after both kids have bathed, I jump in and use the last bit of water.  I only shower now when I need to wash my hair, so we’re not wasting water.

If we owned the home we were staying in we would get tanks for the gutter water aswell, but living in a rental limits how much you can do.
I hope these tips have helped some of you, if you have a water saving tip let me know.

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