December for the win!

It’s FINALLY December! Yay! 
Summer, Christmas, melons (we love melons) and an excuse to drink champagne.
Our sleepy fishing village transforms during this time as thousands and thousands of South African holiday makers decend onto our beaches and the town changes into a buzzing holiday mecca.  It’s electric, the atmosphere is all sunscreen and seawater, and it makes you feel especially festive.  
I love it.  
How the vibe changes for four weeks and we get overcrowded by tons of sunburned Gautengers who mill around in their boardies and slops in the mall.  You don’t see many locals during this time though, they all vanish into the Christmas holiday abyss, it’s like a whole new town for four weeks over Christmas and New Year!
With that said, we will most likely have a very low key Christmas as my little one is scheduled for his surgery next week and we are expecting at least ten days in hospital, so we will have a bit of an “indoors” summer this year, so thinking of ways to make it special for my family fill my mind.
My business is closed for the festive season and I’m just tidying my work space and getting ready for our hospital visit now, it’s really weird not having any deadlines, but rest is good, so I’m not complaining.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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