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My favourite product: MyMum Muslins

You guys, I just got myself a pack of MyMum Muslin cloths yesterday and I’m SO stoked with them I decided to tell you all about it today already!
The pack I bought has five square muslins 48 x 48cm the ideal size for a “spoeg lappie”, a bib, a knot comforter, a terry nappy, dummy handle and the list goes on.  The cloth is 100% pakistani cotton (yay not made in China) and is super soft.  I’ve used mine as a bib, a spoeg lappie and a little soft cloth for my son to rest his head on in the heat wave.  They are amazing, versatile and beautiful. Also, the bib was smeared with carrot puree and purple meds and came beautifully clean after a normal wash in the washing machine with no stain remover used. Mama win!
You can get yours from MyMum via their Facebook page  
A percentage of your purchase goes toward a childrens home for orphaned babies (I’d buy a million if I could!).

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