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Friday Fun.

I’m getting so far behind with the blog posts it’s becoming embarrassing.  So I thought I’d better post something fun or you’ll all think I’ve vanished!
Fun stuff in our house this week, amongst all the stress and change with a sick baby etc…
My three year old has discovered, dirty/clean and wet/dry.  Constantly not wanting to be dirty or wet so if his shirt has a small wet spot on it “change my shirt”, he gets in the bath at night and literally holds his hands up out of the water and refuses to get them wet, until I let him soap himself then he’s all in! We go outside to play on the grass and he INSISTS on wearing shoes cause his feet will get wet, he wants to jump in puddles with his gumboots but then gets upset that they are now wet, so we have to dry his boots before he will play further.  The level of crazy in our home has just reached a new level.  He chills out eventually, but the starting point is just nuts.
In other news I keep forgetting things, like taking my pill, my contraceptive pill, and this could get dangerous cause two kids is nuts, imagine if we had to accidentally slip in another one!! 
Then there’s the “if I haven’t made dinner by 17:00, it ain’t happenin and we’re having cereal for supper”.  This is a real thing right now, anxiety levels have reached a new high and so if it’s not done by the time crazy hour hits, we are eating cereal. 
Life is crazy, real and messy for us at the moment, but luckily we have seasons for things and it won’t always be this crazy and stressful.  Trick is to keep your eye on the ball and rest when you can.
Looking forward to the weekend, hope you all have a lovely one too!

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