I am blessed.

If I could give the last four days a definition it would be “the hardest year of my life” even though it has only been four days, it feels like forever.
As a wife and mom of two I think I just blithely forgot how blessed I am with my hubby who is ├╝ber involved in our family life. He cooks, looks after crying toddlers in the night and takes the first shift of feeds for the baby at night too.  He’s amazing, oh, and did I mention he has his own I.T. business too?  
So when we heard he had to have minor surgery that would leave him on “light work” for three weeks I cried. I cried because I knew I’d be on my own and have to dig deep with kids and home and taking him to and from the hospital in our neighbouring city.  I would have to be the toddler soother, carry to bed, rock the baby to sleep person till he is strong enough to lift heavy things. 
It has been a rough weekend, and I am grateful for ladies in my life who took it upon themselves to bring dinners to help ease the load.  I am grateful to our nanny for being available and staying over to help with the kids the first two nights, I am super grateful that the operation went well and he has come home in one piece.

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