Friday Fun.

So it’s the second morning waking up before 05:00 because my son is changing his sleep patterns.  Bonus extra though is that he’s been off his reflux meds for a whole week. A. Whole. Week. That’s a HUGE deal for us and a significant growth milestone for him. Happy tears are shed regularly.
Feeding of solid foods to my little one is going well, if momma just remembers it would be a bit more regular.
Second week of being back at work with my hubby. Good idea, bad idea. Got to make the most of it and hopefully we’ll make a great team when the initial getting used to phase is over.
Got to photograph a graduation event yesterday, not usually my cup of tea, but this crowd are good friends and great fun so it was worth every minute.  I’ll post some snippets on my photography page over the weekend.
Lastly, we are having a day off to go see a surgeon in PE for hubby, so fun day off, not so fun day off. 
Hope your weekend is amazing! 

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