I do not have a clue.

I recently started doing a series of videos on my photography page aimed at helping folk photograph their hand-made goods for social media with their cell phones.  It’s a fabulous idea, there are so many folk out there who have no idea how to translate what they imagine into an image that represents their brand or item well plus have the budget to hire a photographer. So I thought some 101 was in order.
I did not realise how much work would be involved in putting these tutorials together. So, #goodideabadidea .  
The planning, prepping and making yourself NOT look like you had three hours sleep is heavy! I’ve been taking inspiration from some of the bloggers I follow and I have a renewed respect for what they do, long term.  It is not easy putting all that content together, and I do not have a clue, not even a small one, and now I’m knee deep in video tutorials and I have to see it through, on the cusp of just starting a regular half day job ontop of my own hand-made originals business, I do not have a clue what I have got myself in for.
So wish me luck as I attempt to complete my video series strong with at least two or three more tutorials, find my feet in my day job and figure out the way forward for my little business as well.
I do not have a clue!

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