Friday Fun.

So it’s Friday, yay, it’s a slow work day, yay, and school starts on Monday, can I get a whoop whoop?!  It has been real, the last three weeks, challenging my parenting and my ability to stay sane to the max.  Some things I’ve learned over the holidays are:
Sweets are bribes to be used in your favour.  
Spend decent quality, focused (no phone) time with the toddler and he will allow you two hours of uninterrupted work time.
Get up early, shower and get dressed, then you’re ready when the chaos of kids starts.
Make sure you never run out of coffee, even if you have to run out of other stuff, coffee helps. 
Building puzzles over and over is their love language, just do it, again and again, the work can pause for twenty minutes.
Sigh, and into term three we go.
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