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Comparison is a Thief

I read a quote last night that made me think. 
“Another woman’s beauty is not the absence of your own”.
We are ALL created unique, beautiful, one of a kind, otherwise the whole idea behind DNA and how chromosomes match up wouldn’t be fascinating.  We are a “random” joining of cells that create who we are and how we look, but God had a purpose with random, He made it that way so that we ARE unique, expressing another fascet of his never ending beauty and creativity.
But switch it up now, replace the word “beauty” with “success” or “family” or “husband” or “career” and it takes on a much much broader possibility.  
Comparison is a thief, and she will steal every last bit of self worth and confidence you have, if you let her.
Don’t let her.  Love who you are, who you are becoming and the way you look, remember in whose image you are made and be secure in your unique beauty.
Gen 1:26

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