Raising Boys

Parental Warning

There are times when I have very strong opinions about things, like sterilizing animals, treating people with respect and saying please and thank you.  Then there are times when I have overly strong opinions on things, these usually pop up when I’ve had very little sleep, this is when I should stay away from public platforms. Blogging, Facebook etc.  My ability to play nice with others is compromised and I usually get into trouble with my unfiltered mouth.
So I stay quite.
I keep my mouth shut, avoid large crowds of people and generally just keep it low profile, this is for everyone’s safety, I can be quite the verbal assassin at times.  It happens a lot now that I have a toddler and a baby.  Just last night, bedtime took a remarkable three hours, yup, three. Then baby was up quite often with cramping stomach (side effects of reflux meds is constipation), so zero sleep and I truly needed it last night, but hey, soldier on mommy, soldier on.
So if I seem a little quite it’s cause I need to reserve what little brain capacity I have to stay awake, work and be civil with my colleagues.
So send coffee, and some sleep.

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