Raising Boys

Holidays, the necessary evil.

So it’s that time of year again, school holidays have arrived, and I am not impressed.  I know, teachers need a break, kids need to rest, school grass needs a chance to grow back, but seriously?!?  I think it’s only felt a little harder because I work from home and I don’t have loving family in my town to send my kids to visit.  The impact of the disrupted schedule is annoying at best and the consumption of coffee has reached new heights as I attempt to fit in toddler needs with my work.  Then there’s the four month old.  Good Lord thank Jesus for my nanny!! Without her, I would lose my mind.
It’s only day two of holidays.  Hahaha, three weeks to go!
So the plan is to take it slower, let the work take a bit of a dip, and trust Jesus that sales and marketing momentum doesn’t get affected.  Spend more time building puzzles, drawing with koki pens and making juice dates on the grass.  For all the schedule disruption and having to adjust, it is quite lovely not having to negotiate the putting on of shoes and a jacket to leave for school, I think at this stage of my life I could successfully negotiate the peace between North and South Korea after a term of getting my son to school, dressed, fed and ON TIME!
But seriously, working from home has it’s benefits and it’s drawbacks, the trick is to keep track of what season you’re in and adjust accordingly, or risk loosing your marbles.
Image: Asherlove Photography by Kim van Vuuren

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