Friday Fun.

So the last few weeks has been a bit of a blur really…getting back into working on my Felt mobile business, getting a work space buddy,  one toddler with croup over the long weekend and setting up a new PC – it takes days. Days!
In between all this were two amazing nights out, the first was the chef exams, where I shared about the food and great conversation with hubby.  The second evening was the re-launch of a company I used to work for years ago, Impact Studio, and wow, what a fabulous night.  Champagne, snacks and their gorgeous new work space, jealousy factor one million! They have re-launched as a competitive creative agency offering photography, videography, design, marketing and promotional gifting.  It was amazing to be there to see how far the business has come in seven years and I wish them everything of the best going forward.
Only one problem.  Hubby was supposed to attend with me, but ended up troubleshooting a VOIP gate out on a farm in the freezing cold all evening.  He made it just in time for desert canapes and coffee.  So it was, in the end, an evening out for me dressed to the nines, no kids, champers and chats, a night well spent.
Have  lovely weekend of rest cause THIS mama is taking it easy this weekend!
Photo: Asherlove Photography by Kim van Vuuren

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