So what now?

Tuesday has brought with it more heavy news and after the passing of one friend yesterday, this morning my other friend is on life support. A young wife and mother.  So the question flies in your face, what now? What do you do, what don’t you do, how do you respond to this kind of potentially stalling news?
You pray. In light of my own wallowing.
You pray in your head, you pray out loud, you pray in tongues.  Not just for the sick and their families but you also pray yourself and your family, and not for the reason you think.  The enemy would LOVE nothing more than to derail you, to push you back and knock you over so you cannot be effective, he would love it if you sat back drowning in sorrow for something that no-body, except God himself knows about.
So pray.
Get off your sofa, pull up your spiritual socks and get on your knees in your heart.  Trust God that immeasurable things can happen, that no matter what happens, we praise and glorify our King, let the sorrow create unity, in our hearts and with each other.
We don’t have the answers, we will never know the outcome till it comes.
So pray. Encourage yourself in the Lord.

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