Let's talk about monkeys.

So my son got a taste of real monkeys recently.  We took a day trip out to Monkeyland near Plett, and had so much fun! Stopping for roadtrip coffee at Storms River bridge and having a late brekkie on the monkeyland deck with monkeys running around in the trees.
Cal has a book called “wheels on the bus” and the story isn’t the conventional one, each page the song takes you through various animals doing different things, one particular page is “lemurs like to leap in a dancing troup”, and so when we saw an ACTUAL lemur, his face was priceless! Then afterwards it was “lemurs like to leap in a dancing troup” every two minutes.  
So freaking cute.
I was amazed how he recalled such a complicated sentence, with words he would only hear in that book, and be able to recite it so perfectly.  It just goes to show, they retain more than we think, and will recall it at precisely the right moment.
Monkeyland gets my vote for awesome places to visit, and it was just far enough to feel “away” but not too long a drive with small kids.  
Bonus is they slept all the way home.

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