Friday Fun.

My nails weren’t meant to be pink, they were meant to be red…but a certain two year old accidentally dropped my brand new bottle of red on the tiles WHILE I WAS BUSY PAITING THE SECOND COAT.
So, we had to start again, and go with pink, cause well, red was all over the tiles.
Needless to say part of my birthday gift from my boys was a new bottle of red nail polish.  How their father managed to remember which one to get is beyond me, but I’m all stocked up and good to go.
The birthday was surprisingly upbeat this year, I don’t have ridiculous expectations, but a gift is required. I like to open a present on my birthday, in my bed with my family, it’s tradition. My hubby took me out for breakfast, sans kids, and I have a shopping trip in the not too distant future.  It was a lovely busy day and ended with dinner with my bests.
Not a bad way to celebrate 38, I think.

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