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Reflux, Easter and sleep.

So it turns out those 30min burping sessions and crying on end for baby Shaw was reflux, and not just me forgetting how to burp a baby.  Having the right meds and easing his pain has changed our lives, his routine is settling, he’s sleeping better, and so are we!
Then Easter happened.  
Cal’s first easter egg hunt in the garden with daddy and pa, of course mommy being the forgetful, sleep deprived mommy I am, forgot to pack his stash of easter eggs for our stay at granny and grandpa, and so we hunted down the next best thing, chocolate coins!  Daddy hid them pretty much in plain sight and the toddler was in heaven.  “Choccy coins, choccy coins” was the chant of the weekend as he kept his stash close and ate almost all of them for breakfast.  It’s a compromise I’m willing to make for a special day like easter Sunday.  Next year we’ll include the resurrection story for him and celebrate together the life it gave, but for now, choccy coins it shall be.
We’ve been moving baby to a three hour feed routine, and so far so good.  Mama is getting a bit more sleep and generally not feeling so cranky.  We also found a dummy that he likes and will take on occasion, this helps with soothing in between feeds.
How did your easter go? Do you celebrate it at all?
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