Behind the camera.

I’ve been taking photos since I was about 11 years old.  My father gave me my first camera, his 1960’s contaflex with zeiss lenses, and let me loose on the light.  I remember shooting everything and anything, from flowers to my horse riding gear to the family pets, anything I could shoot with that old school manual camera was fair game.  At the local stables I would take photos at the show jumping and sell the pics to my riding friends.  It was before digital, and before instagram and Facebook, and photography was simpler and less intimidating.  Editing was done in the dark room, mostly, and a “ruined” film often added to the creative outcome.
I worked as a part time amateur in Cape Town for many years before moving back to the Eastern Cape and eventually landing a dream job working at a local studio.  Cue marriage and babies and you have a stop start career.  
I decided a long time ago that photography would be something that I would do no matter what life threw at me and so I shoot with my phone when I can (life is hectic with two kids) and then every now and then I get the opportunity to whip out the canon and do some proper work, work for me is stock photography, and I love it!  It sounds weird when I tell people I don’t like shooting people, it’s just not my thing, weddings, families, babies – nope.  I like things I can control, models, food, inanimate objects, flowers. Yeah, I’m THAT person, but I love what I do.  The thing I’ve learned along the way is that it’s GOOD to find what you love shooting, and to not compromise on that, as creatives I think we often try to be good at everything, instead of finding our niche and working on it, mastering it.  Thats my mission, to work on my stock photos and give it my all, unapologetically, be that photographer, and love what I do.
You can check out my instagram at @kimvanvee or my photography Facebook page Asherlove Photography by Kim van Vuuren
Image:Asherlove photography by Kim van Vuuren

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