Friday Fun.

So, funny story, it wasn’t funny at the time, but now that it’s over, it’s funny.
Everyone was getting a great nights rest, hubby had taken the baby so I could sleep and toddler was fast asleep.
Cue the familiar wheezing of croup.
Three a.m. and toddler has croup, hubby sets up nebulizer and so began his night of croup management.
Cue baby milk vomit.
Baby starts possetting, and no matter how often I changed him he just kept on, first milk, then pee, it was ridiculous.  Finally after three tries and in his last clean onesie, we all fall asleep.
Morning breaks and I go looking for baby’s clean onesies in the laundry and realise I’ve left them all outside overnight, and it had rained.  Ok, no problem, let’s get them inside and dry, wash the others and we’ll be good to go.  The morning was starting badly, but it’s ok, we can recover from it.  Toddler is sitting being nebulised quietly, a miracle, hubby is home to work and the baby sitter will be here in the afternoon, no problem.
Open the washing machine to hang up the clean onesies, I’d accidentally thrown a dirty disposable baby diaper in with it all…there are diaper beads. Everywhere. They stick, to everything.
I just walked away.  
I’m done now. Day over. Call for back-up, cause I’m finished.
Thank Jesus for beautiful friends in my mommy group who laughed at me, showered me with encouragement and brought loan clothes for my baby who was at this stage wearing his three month size clothes.  A cup of tea and a visit to the clinic, where I was offered a unique perspective on my situation (more on this next week) and I felt like I could cope again. 
Fyi, Friday is going well and everyone is clean and dressed, and the croup is clearing.
So have a lovely weekend, cause I’m sure gonna! 
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