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My favourite product: Noo noo pie tie.

It’s amazing. 
I can’t repeat myself enough, but it’s amazing!  My eldest never liked to be cuddled and so I would just put him down on the couch or in the pram and he was happy.  Shaw, on the other hand, is a cuddler through and through.  So this means my arms have been dying and sleeping has been a challenge.  
So a good friend lent me her noo noo pie tie to test out, and it was new born love at first wrap.  He loves it, the cuddle, the closeness, the womb-like snuggle.  Mama loves it cause now her arms are free, and the baby goes to sleep so easily now.
Sigh of relief all round.
I ordered via their website, courier in SA is included (bonus) and two days later it arrived at my door.  Shopping bliss.
If you’re ever wondering what to get a preggy friend or if you’re expecting and you don’t know what you need, you need one of these.  It’s not just for new borns, different techniques of placing baba and it can last till baba is one!  
If you know someone who has one, try it out if you’re skeptical, but it is SO worth it!
Image: Asherlove Photography by Kim van Vuuren

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