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It is what it is.

I’ve always been one of those “ducks in a row” kind of people, type A personality of sorts, always wanting things to be exact, just so, organized and following a plan.
Then I got married and started a family.
You can’t be all that organized and planned when there is kid chaos in your life.  Well not in my world, it would seem.  So the vision of well planned days with my toddler and a schedule for my five week old will have to be put aside in favour of making room for sleep, sanity and quality time. 
It is what it is.
I think us mamas put so much pressure on ourselves to perform, to have our mama lives look a certain way (usually media based), that we loose sight of the beauty in the chaos, we miss the golden moment in the crazy.  We are so busy trying so hard that we loose the moment, and lets face it, kids are all about the moment.
So I’m letting it go, the trying.  I’m leaving the ridiculous plan and just going with the flow. Have a few activities in my pocket for when the time comes, but just live in the moment and embrace my chaotic, sleep deprived life and live.
Image: Asherlove Photography by Kim van Vuuren 

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