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Friday Fun.

So my toddler can officially operate the vacuum cleaner. He’s useful all of a sudden. Helped clean the car yesterday, but I must add that he first vacuumed the wet, muddy grass and the car, thus defeating the whole point.
I’ve been driving more and more lately, also getting practice with getting the baby chair in and out of the car, now that I can carry it.  So I’m hoping to be fully mobile and independent soon.
Must just convince my hubby to give my car back, hmm.
We have our first school friend birthday party this weekend, mommy is secretly wondering how you manage it with a little baby, but I’m confident we’ll ace it.
Also, EASTER! Easter holidays are upon us and we’ve decided to keep it low key this year, so just marshmallow eggs and maybe a nice braai to celebrate.
What do you and yours do over Easter?
Have a lovely weekend!
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