Friday Fun.

It’s amazing how a long weekend can mess with your routine.
In my world, Tuesday was Saturday and Wednesday became the new Monday, and the next thing I knew it was weekend again!
Fun stuff this week, mama got a little pampering session.  My hubby sent me off to get my hair done, much overdue – roots and re-growth and grey hairs, eeek! So it was a cut and colour and ta-daa mama felt like herself again.
My son spent Tuesday with dad, digging up the beaches and running the dunes.  Playing putt putt (he totally knows the ball must get in the hole) and generally having lots of outdoor fun, naptime was an epic three hours, never a bad thing.
My folks came to visit on the weekend and brought all kinds of treats and cookies with them, Cal loves it when granny and pazee come to visit, he enjoys their company so much.
So the week has felt like one long weekend, hopefully next week will have more order, oh but then it’s easter holidays and it all gets lazy again.
Image: Morné van Vuuren

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