Just got to spend a morning with a group of lovely women, all mommy’s with toddlers and babies, to encourage, uplift and support one another in our new season of parenting, motherhood and wife-dom.
It’s my first day out in a very long time, and this was the best way to kick it off, mommy group!  
We had the gorgeous Shauna, mom of four kids (two in varsity and two in high school) come and encourage us with some wisdom from Proverbs 31.  Like she says, 
“it’s either your favourite scripture or your worst” 
If I’m totally honest, its probably my worst.  I feel so inadequate when I read it, especially in this new season of second baby.  But we were encouraged to hear that seasons change, and as we embark on a new season we should sit with proverbs 31 and ask God to show us where we fit in with this new season and redefine our identity in Him through it.
It never occured to me that my insecurities in this season where attached to my identity, but the light has been turned on.  I can see it so clearly now.  Now the challenge is to be brave enough to ask God to show me where I’m at in this season so I can redefine my identity into the new season, and find peace in the new season of mothering.
Thank you Shauna for sharing your heart and wisdom with us, it has encouraged my soul immensely.
You can read more from Shauna on her website Blaaklist writers. 
Image: Asherlove Photography by Kim van Vuuren

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