Light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s been a tough few nights with a new born with winds (why only at night?!?!?!), and a toddler who has begun to dream, and wake from his dreams.  So when you finally get a bit decent rest it’s like the heavens open and you don’t feel like a zombie for a moment, and you’re able to look forward to the end of your post-partum confinement.
I’ve made a list. A lovely list of all the things I plan to do when I’m finally able to drive again (six weeks c-section recovery), and I can hit the road with my mini-me’s and explore! It’s a list of all those wonderful fun things I haven’t been able to do since about seven months pregnant, cause well I was huge.  Like the Valley Market in PE, go to some of the newer coffee shops I’ve been dying to try, spend a day at the Wild Oats Market up the Tsitsikamma, perhaps even go to Cape Town for a week (gasp, what a concept).
There’s a beautiful light at the end of my confinement tunnel and it’s looking very inviting right now.  Recovery is slow, but not without it’s milestones, I can finally sleep on my stomach! Hoorah! One step closer to normal muscular function.  I still can’t carry my son (13kgs), but we’ll get there.  At least my swaddle game is on point, and breastfeeding is going well, so looking pretty positive I’d say.
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