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My favourite product: Lansinoh Lanolin

This one’s for all those preggy moms that plan to breastfeed.  This post is about breastfeeding and is NSFW.
There isn’t much you need to have with you to be ready for breastfeeding except a persevering attitude and some 100% pure lanolin.  
This post is specifically aimed at keeping the nipple healthy and supple so that when you start breastfeeding you are set up and ready to help avoid painful cracked nipples.  Enter pure Lanolin.  From day one, every time you feed, afterwards take a small amount of lanolin and soften it between your fingers, rub directly on the nipples.  I keep a small tube in my pocket so it’s always with me.  Keep doing this, after every feed, even those ones at 3am and you’re exhausted, just keep doing it.  The lanolin keeps the skin moisturised and supple so the skin has less chance of drying out and cracking. Also, you don’t have to wipe it off the nipple for the next feed, so it’s safe and super convenient.
 It’s like ├╝ber lipice for your nipples, so you don’t get chapped skin, which when suckled on by your baby, pulls away and exposes new raw skin underneath.  Now hear me carefully, this product is not a guarantee that you won’t get cracked nipples, as how your baby latches and the type of suckler he is all contribute, but this product will help prevent the development and prolonged duration of cracked nipples that always come in the first two or three weeks of breastfeeding.
With my son, Cal, I didn’t use anything until I developed painful, cracked and bleeding nipples and ended up using a combination of lanolin, nipple shields and a laser light from the physio to help heal my nipples.  They took two weeks to heal and it was excruciatingly painful to feed during this time.
So far, with Shaw, I started with a breast pump (he was unable to feed in the N.I.C.U.) and then moved over to breastfeeding when he was ready to come off all his tubes and oxygen.  And every time I pumped or fed, I apply pure lanolin afterwards, my nipples have started to shed the outer skin in favour of a tougher layer underneath, it hurts, but I’ll tell you its not HALF as painful as the last time.  I am pretty sure that this time around the painful, settling in stage will be quicker because I was better prepared.
The reason I stick to pure lanolin is that other cheaper nipple creams have a ton of other unnecessary ingredients that aren’t actually helping your skin, they’re just soothing your conscience and your wallet, the pure 100% lanolin brands are what you should go for, you’ll be getting the best, cleanest product to care for your delicate nipple skin, and you won’t be disappointed.
Happy breastfeeding mommies!
Image: Kim van Vuuren
This is not a sponsored post and is purely based on my own personal experience. Results may vary.

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