Things never happen the same way twice.

If you’re a Narnia fan, like me, you would have read all the books and seen all the movies too. In Prince Caspian, there is a scene where Lucy asks Aslan where he’s been, and why he hasn’t shown himself yet.  His reply shakes me every time, “Things never happen the same way twice, dear one.”
It shakes me because if you know the story, Narnia hasn’t had the kings and queens in the land for a thousand years and things have changed dramatically for Narnians.  The kingdom lies in ruins and on the verge of myth.  Quite an apt description of some parts of our lives.
So when you’re days away from going in for your booked c-section due to a rocky birthing history, and you suddenly start going into labour, you tend to want to panic a little.  Lying in theatre and praying during the emergency delivery, I hear these words of Aslan’s resounding in my head “things never happen the same way twice, dear one” and my heart is put at ease, that no matter what happens, it won’t be like the last time, or the time before that, and Shaw is in God’s hands and I should trust that the Great I Am is true to his word when he says he holds all things.  
Even though my son had what they call “wet lung” and was immediately admitted to the N.I.C.U. at the hospital, he recovered quickly and we were breastfeeding by day two, and discharged from hospital on day four. A very different story to that of our first son, Asher, whom we lost to a very serious gut infection due to lack of oxygen at birth. 
Things never happen the same way twice.  The opportunity to panic and spiral down into despair was very real, but hope changed all that.  Over the years I’ve discovered that God is good and kind beyond all of life’s curve balls, and this wet lung situation was just another one of life’s situations and the opportunity to rise above and trust that THIS time would be a very different experience, and it was.


3rd Mar 2017 at 11:09 pm

This is so beautiful, Kim! I love that quote from Narnia, and you’re so right… hope changes everything. We are so thrilled for you all, and we celebrate Shaw’s safe arrival!
❤️ this: “God is good and kind beyond all of life’s curve balls.” So true.
Much love, Shauna

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