Friday Fun!

I’ve been awake on this beautiful Friday since 2am, for reasons I cannot explain, when my brain starts going it’s like a run away train, so here I am at 5 am writing my Friday post cause I just know I’m going to get so much done today!
Some fun things from the week:
My son now says “delicious”, he’s just over two and he can pronounce it and use it in context and boy does he give it stick!  Whilst eating “mmm delicious”, pointing at cake “delicious”, picking up my day old cup of tea and aiming to take a sip “delicious”, um wait, no!
Other fun stuff, I stepped on an upturned plastic cookie cutter and almost killed myself with the recovery jump with my enormous pregnant belly.  Haha now, not so haha at the time.
Also, my son has developed a fixation with his pyjamas and refuses to take them off, ever.  So this generally means lots of negotiations, bribing, Peppa Pig and other tactics to get them washed, and also to avoid sending him to school in them, cause ew.
I hope this lightened your Friday, have a fabulous weekend!

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