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Turn the page.

After having a good vent and a great deal of prayer, I have realised for the millionth time in my life, that when life deals you lemons you MUST find a way to make lemonade. You cannot stay staring at the lemons. You must make the choice to move onto a different perspective.
Turn the page.
It’s totally okay to be miserable and disappointed for a period of time, but in the words of a very wise women, you cannot stay there.
There is life out there that needs to be lived, kids need their mother to be fully present, husbands need their wives to back them up and YOU need to move forward for the sake of life around you.  As a mom, wife and business owner, the window for self pity and wallowing is minimal, and I can try and push that limit as much as I like but my responsibilities in life are not going to change overnight, only my attitude can.
So, turn the page. 
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