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Manicure it out.

It’s been an interesting few months for the Van Vee household, from finding ourselves in the awkward position of having to move quite suddenly over the new year to our beautiful German Shepherd puppy passing away from billery and now mid-February finding ourselves having to steer the ship through a storm with two weeks till baba number 2 arrives.
Life is not a compassionate soul, indeed.
So what does this mama do to help stay sane in this wild season of change? 
I do my nails. 
Yes, thats right, I sit down over nap time and file and buff and paint and admire. There is something soothing and strangely motivating in it.  Not only am I working on a confidence boosting exterior pettiness, I am slowly and methodically working through my thoughts whilst following the ritual of manicuring one’s nails.  Now if you’re heavily pregnant, like me, the feet need professional attention, cause there is just no way to reach to them, and I’ve tried, so that will be handled pre-birth by the local pedicure wizards.  
But in the meantime, I will strut my Insyle Coral with pride and forget all my worries for the moment.
Image: Asherlove Photography by Kim van Vuuren

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