Be my Valentine.

It is the day of love, celebrated the world over, Valentine’s day.  When I was a teenager I lived for Valentine’s day, and then more often than not got hopelessly disappointed when I got no secret love gift from anyone. This is how my jaded Valentine’s journey began, and it continued on it’s path of disappointment through my first marriage and into a long stretch of single/dating/wishing and hoping desert for years after.
So when my handsome hubby came along I declared, with great boldness, that Valentine’s day was not my thing and that he shouldn’t even bother, but now, after almost five years and two kids I’m kinda sorry I did that. I never realised that these days, and others like mother’s day etc, are placed on the world calendar to make sure that busy families and busy lovers take a time out to honour and celebrate each other.  I think life is so fast paced these days and people are quite involved with their carreers and their daily lives that we forget to say to each other “hey, you’re amazing”, even if it means you are forced to do it on a particular day of the year, some people need that so it gets done and others can feel appreciated.  
Who doesn’t love a little spoiling and kind words, right?
So in light of the fact that I made my own anti-valentine bed, I have made a little effort to unmake it and got handsome a small gift, just something quirky that he will enjoy to let him know he’s my no one, and that inspite of all our stress and work pressures and life glaring at us menacingly, I still love and appreciate him. 
He’s also quite handsome, which is usefull 😉
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