The dealing.

I don’t know if any of you have seen the movie How to Deal (Mandy Moore 2003), yes I’m old, I know.  I remember wondering at the time of it’s release if life really was like that for people.  Boy, was I living on a cloud.
It’s a good 14 years on and life and it’s citizens have dealt me blows I won’t mention here in this post, and today, I was reminded of this.  How life can sometimes be very much not what we expected it to be, and sometimes the picture we imagined of how our lives should look, doesn’t quite match up.
I think it’s like this for everyone.  No matter how “on the path” or “in His will” you are, there will always be that element of having to deal.  Having to deal with the disappointment of life, and having to pick yourself up and walk forward again.  Aiming and striving for that picture you see in your head.  I’m pretty sure this is a normal part of life, and today is my day to deal with certain aspects of “life not looking like the picture”.  There have been some pretty major disappointments come our way in the last few months and even though on the outside life looks pretty grand, there are things that I wish I could change, and today I finally realised what they were, and now I have to deal.
Expectations were set in my mind, and now I have to process and adjust those expectations.  I need to put on my big-girl panties, stop throwing an adult tantrum and “get on with it” as my mother would say.  I will admit, that I’m not too sure how this practically looks but the tried and tested method that I fall back on seems to get the ball rolling, put on the music and let God speak to your soul.  Let him say his say, listen, and remember that everything He says is for my good, and to see me grow and prosper in Him.  Kind of like I do with my son, he throws a fit, he calms down and we have a quiet conversation about it, moving forward.
So if life doesn’t quite look the way you planned it to look, perhaps you will take a minute and breathe, choose to deal and allow the still small voice to penetrate the noise of your life and speak some calm over that storm of emotions.
 Image: Asherlove Photography by Kim van Vuuren.

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