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Coffee, be the one.

It’s been one of those weeks.
The challenges just keep on coming, thick and fast.
Now I don’t know about you, but my morning cuppa is sacred, it’s a non-negotiable to my mornings.  If I don’t have my cup of coffee, then the day just feels cheated somehow, there’s a big coffee shaped hole in my life.
We have been through some interesting phases with our morning coffee over the years, starting with hubby not drinking the magical brew until I convinced him to join the light side of life.  We have been through countless blends, roasts and methods, but at the moment (and it’s been this way for about two years now) we are in love with the Woolworths Mocca Java.  I know, it’s not strong, but we like it, in our French press, and with lots of milk and a touch of sugar.  Yes, the purists would scoff and roll their eyes, but we don’t really care.  This is how we have our morning cup and it’s not going to change any time soon, especially now that we have kids.
When you have kids it’s like you enter an alternative universe.  Your friends forget about you, your budget flies out the window and every day is about counting sleep, or lack thereof.  Now my eldest is just over two, so we are kind of getting into a groove with him now, but number 2 is on the way shortly and our lives are about to be turned upside down.  So, this is where the morning cup of coffee is so crucial.  Without it, the day ahead would look bleak, cause lets face it, it’s not always about the caffeine kick, it’s about the slow calm ritual of making and then drinking and enjoying a quiet 30 seconds before life takes over.
So I don’t know what ritual you have with your cup of coffee, but I would be sunk without mine, so coffee, be the one.
 Image: Asherlove Photography by Kim van Vuuren.

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